technologies & raw material

“LURA” Company  Ltd from year to year has been improved construction technology and introducing more and more new spacious building materials and modern technologies. Starting from the substructure of buildings which are performed out on the basis of complete geological studies that are carried through the drilling of advanced spacecraft technologies. To provide working rapidly in soil work and in their transportation, company owns modern and powerful mechanisms excavation and transport. For the realization of reinforced concrete structures with a high quality metal molds and apply fiber.12

With concreting of reinforced concrete structures held us relevant concrete cubes who regularly carried out in the laboratory building materials to control concrete brands that compare brands of concrete provided in the object. In this way we operate with all other building materials that are applied in the object as iron construction, brands of mortar, brands of cement, bricks, etc. Working in this way provide a good quality in terms of reliability of the facility. In proceedings of thermal insulation and sound insulation we use izolbetone, styrofoam gazosilikatobetonin, amofleksin, etc.

13       So we use a combination of concrete with polystyrol in structures between floors,  building roof with reinforced concrete of styrofoam and using reinforced concrete beams of the roof brick (which to us are called “brick with ears”). We have already applied waterproofing 100% with coaltar  - guaina which has a layer of synthetic material between. The thickness of the sheet is 4-5 mm and melting of bituminous material is accomplished using liquid gas. In no constructive septum, where appear appropriate we use the tables on two sheets of gyps carton which fill the space between them with sound insulating material that we call “glass wool”. In the decorative ceilings of the premises as restaurants, bars, offices, etc. is entered at 100% use of this material. In the tourist village “LURA 1″ that the Company “LURA” Ltd built in Lalzi bay the villas are implemented 100% using prefabricated panelslura2_foto2.In all villas is applied use of solar panels for the provision hot water. In the implementation of mortar plastering rifinutura we use in mass the latest Italian technology  SIAP and ITALCOLL, while placing tiles we use tile adhesive provided by EU countries.


Decorative elements we use during the architectural design we pay special attention to the use of decorative elements, architectural details that make the facades, not only attractive, but also functional. In the classic architecture construction we mainly use domestic materials as decorative stones from the area and Permeti, Skrapar.  Ceramic materials processed in the area of central Albania, mainly Tirana and Elbasan. While in buildings with contemporary architecture mainly invoke the last word of technology of the production of materials such as gypsum mitigated bricks, glass bricks for spaces with limited lighting.Plaster material or pressed  styrofoam for decorative works as frames, etc. Very important is the application of coating the outer facades. The materials we use are of the type: marble and granite, terracotta, travertine, etalbond of the different colors, plastic plaster, Venetian stucco, etc.