Our company owns a projecting studio in which the architecture has a very important role. Architectonic projects are done according all the rules construction laws, rigorously respecting the technical conditions of K.T.P Projection and regarding to the worldwide standards. The company intends and accomplishes up to date (modern) architectonic solutions regarding to forms volumes, and spaces of light also the functionality of the environments which is very important for us. We also create the possibility of the cooperation with the clients so that we can come up to a rational solution, which is closer to their requests. For the environments composition we mainly use sections of three or four apartments on a floor allowing the possibility for up to date architectonic and functional solutions also creating comfortable residence environments shops offices and for many other functions. Priority is given to the full of light interiors through application of the big windows, comfortable spaces of the “light areas” (living room cooking – eating room) “night areas” (sleeping room). In every apartment we create the possibility of having big balcony, hall depending on the possibilities and constructive solutions. During the architectonic projection special attention is paid to the decorative elements usage, breaking architectonic details which make the outside appearance attractive. In our constructions with classic architecture we mainly use our countries decorative stones from Gjirokastra, Rubik. The wood comes from Albanian northern regions like Puka, Mirdita, Lura, which are mostly fir, pines, and beech etc. Ceramics materials are manufactured in central Albania mostly in Tirana, Elbasan whereas.

For the modern construction we invoke the modern technology for the production of the construction materials like relieved gypsum, bricks, glass bricks for the restricted illumination or where is not possible the windows opening.

We widely use gypsum for the partition of the of the apartments or office environments and for ceiling workings. We use materials like pressured plaster for the decorative workings like frames banquettes(guard rail).
Very important is the application of the outside coverage of the out appearance of the buildings. The materials we use are very different like marble and granite of different types teracot travertine, etalbond of different colors, plastic plaster, Venetian putty (stucco) etc.

A great attention we pay to exterior and interiors in the environments that have commercial, administrative, social cultural character. In these environments the glass is widely used. We use structural glass for the buildings facades (out appearance) and big illuminated spaces by using triplex glasses. The usage of different plasters, wide glasses surfaces, different ornamental coverage, the application with courage of colors and architectonic shapes make our constructions special and to be preferable by everyone.

All the architectonic projects are accompanied by partly urbanity studies of the aeries where we construct. For us is very important the harmonization between the objects we construct and the existing environment. This way we create the opportunity of the creation of the recreational environments and those public which are necessary for the inhabitants. Besides the location of the objects we construct, our work is not enough only with the regulation of our property but we guarantee a lot of workings which are not part of our competences and our self profits or monetary profits of the company.
These workings are mainly:

  • The subways(pavement)constructions
  • The road lighting of the zone.
  • Plants sowing in the zone and out of it as well with road greenness
  • The outside parking regulation.
  • According to the possibilities of the creation of the small recreational environments and toys corners suitable for the children.

All these are done to realize a natural combination between the zone and the object we construct trying to create a harmonization and reflection of values towards each other. All these are done to create a modern and a comfortable environment for the inhabitants and for the passersby of the zone.